How Andrei Năstase celebrated his victory after winning the local elections

Members of PPDA have celebrated the victory of their leader, Andrei Năstase, after the local elections from Chisinau. The official expressed his gratitude to all people who supported him and declared that the elections took place in a democratic manner. Socialist Ion Ceban also congratulated his opponent and declared that many votes were based on geopolitics.

Andrei Năstase arrived at the headquarters of PPDA close to midnight, where his supporters were awaiting.

Leader of PPDA declared that his victory is something Chisinau must be proud of and that he will be the mayor of all citizens. In place of explaining the projects he will following implement, Andrei Năstase was already thinking of the general elections.

"We have established today a new pro-European alliance for the future general elections."

Năstase also declared that he will not offer Ion Ceban to become the Deputy Mayor, as he does not wish for an alliance with PSRM. Regardless, earlier, the socialist candidate declared his intentions to make such an offer to the PPDA candidate if he were to win. At the same time, Năstase declared that he has no intention of leaving his party, as Ion Ceban promised in his campaign.

"I see no reason at the moment to resign."

Andrei Năstase was joined by his partner, leader of PAS, Maia Sandu. 

"Mister mayor has taken upon himself some serious obligations and much work must be done to make it reality, we will all be closely watching him."

On another hand, Ion Ceban thanked all his supporters. The official claims to not feel defeated, as the difference was not big.

"I wish to congratulate Andrei Năstase with this victory. I wish to say to Mister Năstase that I will wait for him at the City Hall every day at 08:00 and hope he will not be late."

President Igor Dodon also arrived at the headquarters of PSRM to express his support for Ion Ceban.

"I do not feel as he is promoting me today. He supports me as any other citizen, for which I am grateful" PSRM candidate, Ion Ceban said.

Ion Ceban claims that he will continue working at the Chisinau City Hall and will support the projects of PPDA's leader only if they will be good.

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