How ACUM Block were blaming Igor Dodon for homeland betrayal but right after voting they made an alliance

In the electoral campaign they were blaming Igor Dodon for homeland betrayal, referring to his federalization plan of Moldova, but right after voting, they made an alliance. It's about ACUM Block Members of Parliament who apparently, changed their attitude towards the state chief, after breaking their own commitments and allying to Socialists. Asked by the journalists of the reason that made them suddenly change their opinion, they avoided any exact answer.
'The ferm position of the ACUM Block is that the president Igor Dodon is betraying the Republic of Moldova, offering Tiraspol's separatist regime the promised recognition from Moscow', mentioned Igor Munteanu, ACUM Member of Parliament.

'We are obliged to alarm of the evil strategy that is following the federalization of the Republic of Moldova and it's annexation to a territory dominated by Russia. The want to Transnistrizate the country', declared PPDA leader, Andrei Nastase.

These declarations were made during a press-conference of February 2019, in which ACUM Block leaders were trying to win voters' trust befor the february 24 voting.  After their alliance with PSRM, ACUM Block representatives changed their ways.
'-In the voting campaign, the temperature raises and the leaders and political actors resort to such things. The Court will decide.
-Your opinion on that?
-I'm not a judge', mentioned Igor Grosu, ACUM MP.

The MP Lilian Carp also avoided to answer to the question about considering Igor Dodon as a homeland traitor:
'In case of finding out about any Igor Dodon's breaking of law, he must hold accountable for his actions'.

Previously, the press released a vide record in which Igor Dodon is negotiating with the PDM leader Vlad Plahotniuc. In the same video, Igor Dodon recognizes the fact of PSRM being financed monthly by Russians with at least 800 000 USD:
'Yesterday I was asking Kozak: -I have two-month debts to the party. What can I do? Kozak: -Get the power and let it give to you. -How? By requesting them from Plahotniuc? Kozak: -No, I tell him. -Kozak? -Yes. -Him to tell me? To give money to PSRM? -Yes. For maintenance, between 800 and a million, monthly'.
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