How a Moldovan returns to China and comforts people amid coronavirus spread

A Moldovan dared to return to China where she's been living for many years. Gabriela Cojocaru, 23, has so far been on holiday in Moldova and says she is not afraid of coronavirus disease. She posted on her Instagram several videos made on her way to the Chinese city of Chongqing, which has been her home for more than six years. The lady flew to China from Moscow.

"We arrived in Guangzhou city. Congratulate us. We have to wait to fly to Chongqing tomorrow evening," said the Moldovan-born lady living in China, Gabriela Cojocaru.

Arriving at the destination, Gabriela assured her followers that the people of China are not panicked and that they are trying to comply with the new measures taken by the authorities.

"I want to show you. Police and doctors are checking everybody coming from the airport. Our city so peaceful I have never seen it before". 

Body temperature is measured both on the highways and in shops. 

Gabriela Cojocaru arrived first in China in 2014 and worked as a dancer at an Aqua Park. She's now an actress.


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