Hovercraft from Molovata passes first test (PHOTOREPORT)

The hovercraft intended for connecting both sides of Dniester river passed the first test on ice. It showed that in order to be functional, the craft needs technical adjustment according to the ice layer.

In the following days, with the help of the hovercraft, the residents of villages Molovata, Molovata Noua and Cocieri from Dubasari district will cross the river on its ice.

The ice layer on Dniester river has now approximately 10 centimeters. In order for the hovercraft to start, the ice layer has to be 5 centimeters thicker. The administration of the company managing the ferry from Molovata says that in a few days the vehicle will be adapted to the weather conditions in our conditions.

In these conditions, the residents of Molovata Noua and Cocieri villages from Dubasari district cannot get onto the right bank of Dniester river. The only solution for them are the control posts set up by separatist authorities, where they are intensely checked. And the food products cannot be brought through these posts.

The residents are waiting for the hovercraft to be functional as soon as possible.

The hovercraft was brought in 2016 from Vladivostok, Russia. There is the only factory producing such mechanisms. The vehicle costed 50,000 US dollars.

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