Hospitalized patients complaining of antismoking law

Patients admitted to hospitals are unhappy that they can not smoke. Some health workers who continue smoking are also upset. These are the findings of a check made by the Deputy Minister of Health in several medical institutions of the country.

This man is undergoing treatment at the Institute of Cardiology. He was unpleased about the news that he could not smoke during hospitalization.

"They tell you not to smoke in the first day, especially that smoking is risky to leave suddenly. I wll go 10 meters further and smoke there" , said the man. 

This is not the only outraged patient at the Institute of Cardiology.

"Most of our patients arrive at the hospital in the first place because they are heavy smokers. It's hard to convince patients to quit smoking, because it's a vice" , said Hospital director Vitalie Moscaliu.

Doctors at Republican Hospital are also facing resistance from patients. And the most implacable patients diagnosed with arteriosclerosis.

"99.9 per cent of them smoke. If one out of 1,000 doesn't smoke, this surprises us. After reaching us about 40 per cent quit smoking. But after being discharged, they continue smoking" , said chief of the operating block, Aurel Ţurcanu.
"It bothers me. If you smoke for 40 years, it's hard to quit." , said a man.

The law is not respected even by some health workers who smoke even near the hospital.
"Tonight there were two ambulances from a business center and another from the Râşcani sector. I want to contact the administration and let them know I can not stalk them during the night" ,  said Republican Clinical Hospital director Anatol Ciubotaru.

Health Ministry aims to fight such cases.

"We still have complaints from the public that even doctors and health workers smoke on the institution territories. Nowhere in the world, medical protocols don't provide treatment that is compatible with smoking" , said Deputy Minister of Health, Aliona Serbulenco.

In 68 medical institutions in the country were found violations of the anti-smoking law. As a result, they were subjected to administrative sanctions and fines in the amount of 12 thousand lei.

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