Horror! Wheelchair did nothing to stop a man from beating his lover and her child

Last evening in the Capital a man got drunk and beat his lover and her six-year-old child. A police team was dispatched to the site to calm down the man.

"-Vlad, calm down!"

The three live in a rented apartment. Last evening, the man consumed alcohol with the apartment's owner and a friend, after getting drunk the man became aggressive.

"He just bit me, look. He just bit my leg."

Apparently being in a wheelchair did nothing to stop the man from violence.

"Here is a knife cut. He wanted to stab me in the heart, but I protected myself and held me hand, resulting into him hitting me shoulder. There are also eyewitnesses."

The child woke up after hearing the mother's screams. Scared, he went to see what happened, only to be hit as well.

"-He hit you? -Yes. -How? -Like this..in the head..."

The woman wrote a complaint to the police and the case is being investigated. If found guilty, the man risks to be fined.

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