Horror in school: 35 pupils from Băiuş village studying amongst repair noise

35 pupils from Băiuş village, Leova district have to study amongst loud sounds of construction materials and drilling. 

Children are required to study in the Lucian Blaga high school in Iargara city, where the repair works are in full swing. Gymnasium in their locality was optimized for lack of funds.

Parents are unhappy after visiting the institution.

"Our children cannot focus on the lesson among these sounds".

"They should have finished the repair before letting pupils start studying".

Parents are also dissatisfied as the they cram children in class until high school. 

Students say they like the new school, but they are disturbed by the noise.

"I love this school, it's beautiful, but sometimes it's noisy."

"The classes are good, the teachers are good, the tables are new. Only if there was not such noise."

Headmaster of Iargara high school says repair works will be completed in three weeks.

"We want to provide the pupil the best condition. They are separated from the repaired bloc and the repair doesn't take place during their lessons", said Lucian Blaga, Iargara, Headmaster of Raisa Ivanov.

According to representatives of the Leova Education Directorate, the mayor of Băiuş village requested gymnasium to function during the repairs of the Iargara high school. But this was impossible.

"The employees of the institution can not be paid more than September. They do not have enough money in the budget," said Leova Education Director, Alexandru Gospodinov.

The children were transported to the Iargara high school earlier this week. Only primary school pupils remained in the gymnasium in Băiuş village.

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