Horrifying accident in Orhei: Six adults and one child taken to hospital due to grave injuries

A grave accident took place last evening near Mitoc village, Orhei. A minivan transporting wood, has violently collided with another vehicle. Resulting in seven people, among whom a child, requiring medical assistance due to fractures and injuries. An emergency evacuation team was required to free a man trapped in the car.

Also last evening, in the Capital, a minibus roue No. 129 has hit a car, which was entering the intersection of Petru Zadnipru Street with Mircea cel Bătrân Boulevard in Ciocana. Luckily, only a person was taken to the hospital with a few scratches.

The minibus driver claims to not have noticed the car:

"I was on the main street and suddenly, the car appeared in from of me. The his rolled it over.

-Where you transporting any passengers?


While the car drivers claims that the minibus was speeding, causing the impact to be unavoidable: "I have not noticed him, he was speeding and suddenly hit me."

Officers are investigating to establish all circumstances under which the accident took place. The driver found guilty risks a 1 500 lei fine and 6 penalty points.

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