Horrible! Dead body of woman found in Grătieşti village

A decaying body of a young woman has been found in a bag in Grătieşti village, Chisinau. 

The victim whose identity remains unknown would have been killed. 

Prosecutors and policemen take action to establish the author of the terrible crime.

The workers astonished to find the dead body. 

"We saw the hand or foot, the body is cut into pieces, we're shocked". 

The law enforcement agencies conducted over three hours of on-site investigations. From the first information, the victim was up to 30 years old and would have been killed because her dead body had signs of violent death.

"At the moment, I can only mention the fact that criminal case is being started on this case," said Corneliu Bratunov, the head of Râşcani's Office of Prosecution.

Prosecutors and policemen refuse to provide further details on this case. They have initiated a criminal case for intentional killing. A crime that provides up to 20 years of imprisonment or even life imprisonment.

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