HoReCa representatives request renegotiation of the FMI agreement

HoReCa representatives request the Finance Minister Natalia Gavrilita to renegotiate the financial arrangements with the International Monetary Foundation (FMI), especially VTA's raising to 20%. Businessmen have met last week with our country's FMI representative, Vladimir Tulin, who told that the loaning organization is open for any discussions.

Businessmen came with this request within a public debate, organized by the Finance Ministry. FMI's conditions will create more budgetary loss than incomes, HoReCa representatives said. If no measures to be undertaken, HoReCa are threatening with rallies.
'If you want to bankrupt HoReCa and to reduce the stuff number who are still home, you don't have to renegotiate. If there is a two option situation, why do not take advantage of it?', said Aneta Zasavitchi, the Restaurant Association president from Moldova.

'We have met with Vladimir Tulin and Aneta Zasavitchi and discussed for two hours. He declared no categorical need of 10% quota and that they are ready to further communicate and negotiate, but it will take some time', said Dumitru Cebotarescu,a businessman.

'A reduced VTA quota, less than 20%, could have a positive and lasting impact. It is too soon to analyze', declared the expert of Politics and Reforms Center, Elena Varta.

Gavrilita urged the present people to recommend other measures, underlining the fact that if modifying this aspect, our country will not receive the 1,4 billion MDL loan.
'Returning to a 20% VTA quota is part of the FMI agreement and any deviation could mean losing the chance of receiving budget supply. I am happy to discuss other methods', mentioned Natalia Gavrilita.

'You say that taxes have no importance. Why then you raise it's quota?', said Serghei Chiseliov, a businessman.

After two hours of discussions, the businessmen left disappointed.
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