Hope is an app for millennial women to keep their BFFs close — but not too close

There are plenty of apps out there that purport to keep you “safe.” Apps that immediately phone your main contacts when you are threatened or attacked. Apps that allow you to share your location with key contacts, techcrunch.com informs.

But for modern women, especially in big urban cities like New York or London, who would really rather not share literally all that stuff and perhaps find it all a bit alarmist, there isn’t anything that really suits their lifestyle. So a brand new app intends to speak to these confident, young women who like to keep their friends close, but not too close.

Pitched as a “virtual BFF and concierge,” the Hope app wants to be the “social glue between millennial females.” It’s out on iOS now.

On the face of it, Hope is a sticker-based messaging app that automatically shows when its users get home OK after a night out or a date — but crucially without revealing their exact location.

Other apps like this fall either into chatbots for booking tables (Luka) or apps for revealing location (Google Trusted Contacts, Find My Friends, Zenly, etc.). But none do both.

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