Hollywood star Brad Pitt tasted wine in Moldova

A Moldovan travel company has launched their campaign in order to promote the country tourism. This's nothing extraordinary if Brad Pitt doesn't appear in their viral video "Be Our Guest in Moldova". 

"Moldova is a magic land full off amazing people. Been there six time, going back to Chisinau at Christmas for three weeks. Love the country and the people" commented Alistair Blanch on the Moldova: Discover the routes of life page.  

The video was filmed last autumn in Old Orhei city. Thanks to this, the American actor had a chance to visit Moldova for the first time.  

The production director says the living experience on the landscape was so remarkable that the so-called Brad Pitt fell in love with our country. 

"He had the opportunity to interact with real, simple people and to love our country" said Viorel Mardare, director.

The video was filmed in 5 days. 


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