Holiday enjoyers opt for picnic in pleasing weather

People are heading to stores to prepare for their picnics in this vacation. 

They say they will spend the holiday in this beautiful weather with nature and fresh air. 

"We have chicken, pork and marinated barbecue ranging from 44 lei to 90 lei", said Sergiu Negară, supermarket representative.

Salad is also necessary in picnic recipes. In stores, one kilogram of tomatoes cost an average of 35 lei, and one cucumber is sold with 30 lei. 

Owners of gazebo for picnic also prepare for tomorrow bookings. Most of good places are reserved already, they say. 

"We have pleasing gazebo for up to 50 people, costing from 300 lei to 1300 lei". 

Up to 29 degrees will be forecast tomorrow. 


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