Holiday atmosphere in Capital. Christmas tree was installed in the National Assembly Square (PHOTO REPORT)

The winter holidays started in the Capital. The National Assembly Square is dressed in holiday clothes. Dozens of children came to make photos with Santa Claus.

The visitors of the Christmas fair admired the beauty of the Christmas tree. This year, the City Hall decided to install an artificial one.

"-I came with my children and wife. This Christmas is very beautiful. It is more beautiful than the previous years. It is more original this year."

"-It is very beautiful. -What do you like most of all? -Its originality and design."

"I like the decorations."

This year, the City Hall spent 160.000 lei to buy one kilometer and a half of lights.

Also, 170.000 lei were spent to buy lights for the main streets of the City.

The Christmas fair will last until January 15.

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