Holiday atmosphere at Chisinau International Airport. What happens there

The winter holidays atmosphere overwhelmed Chisinau International Airport. The representatives of the airport surprised the passengers on the New Year's Eve.

The travelers were surprised about the holiday atmosphere, but especially about Igor Znatokov's performance and the one of Oleg Negruta pianist.

"We liked their performance. It was a pleasure for us to listen to them."

"It is very beautiful here. We don't have snow, but we can feel the winter holidays".

"It is an amazing Christmas atmosphere. It is very pleasant. It is a great surprise for the travelers."

"We didn't expect such an amazing surprise. It is a great memory about Moldova."

Among the travelers was Derek hogan, the US Ambassador to Moldova. He will celebrate the New Year abroad.

"I won't be in Moldova during these holidays. I am going to London for a couple of days. I will celebrate the new year there", declared Derek Hogan, the US Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova.

At the arrival zone, the children received surprises. Santa Claus gave them sweets.

"This year, I am happy that I received a present.

"-I received presents, biscuits.
-Do you like it?

During this period, some air companies grow up the ticket prices to Russia, Italy, the UK and Germany.

"Taking into consideration the requests that are more and more from day to day, we introduced one more route to Moscow. So, all the travelers can come back home on holidays", said Rodica Rusu Esanu, the spokesman of Chisinau International Airport.


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