Hoist a Flag. First images received by PUBLIKA.MD

The citizens of Moldova have answered our request to hoist a flag.

Thus, PUBLIKA.MD has received the first images taken by people.

State Energetic Inspectorate office in Balti.

This year Moldova celebrates 25 years from the proclamation of independence.

The feeling of love and devotion to his motherland is in each person’s soul, as each of us has the power to change his country to a better place.

As in previous years, PUBLIKA urges people to join the campaign and to carry a flag wherever they are.

Through this gesture, we want to bring the feeling of love towards motherland to all people.

Show that you are proud of your country. Hoist the Moldovan flag wherever you are and send the pictures to the mail address drapel@publika.md.

Share the pride with all people.

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