HISTORIC archeological discovery in Moldova. Swedish king's palace found in Varnita

The ruins of the palace lived in by the Swedish king Charles XII have been uncovered in the village of Varnița in the eastern district of Anenii Noi. Moldovan archeologists say the foundation of a house out of those six ones built in the 18th century has been dug up.

The main building would be in the yards of locals. Charles XII was in Moldova after battles with the Russians and built a royal residence in Varniţa.

"This site is of big importance for Varnița village. You can imagine how Charles XII ruled a country like Sweden from here in the 1700s,” said Varniţa mayor Alexandr Nichitenco.

In time, the palace ruined. “This is a historic site of international value,” said the director of the National History Museum, Eugen Sava.

A European project provided 15,300 euros for the diggings and restauration of the archeological monument.

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