HILARIOUS moment sleepy four-year-old boy struggles to stay awake while licking his lolly (VIDEO)

A mother caught the hilarious moment her four-year-old son battled to stay awake long enough to finish his favourite ice lolly, Daily Mail informs. 

Little Jacob, from West Virginia, USA, repeatedly nodded off even while trying to finish the treat.

His amused mother Jennifer Rinehart Myers, 32, couldn't help but film the moment on camera.

She said little Jacob had earned the 'push-up'-style lolly after wearing himself out by running around in the sun all day last Sunday.

However when he came to eat it while curled up on the family sofa, Jacob was so tired that he was unable to keep his eyes open though continued to eat the sweet treat despite being half-asleep.

Unable to resist the opportunity to catch it on camera, Jennifer filmed Jacob sleeping with his tongue stuck out, repeatedly dropping the lolly every few seconds and even licking the packaging instead of the 'push up' centre.

Mrs Myers, from Beckley West Virginia, US, said: 'It was so funny, he was exhausted.

'He'd had a hard day, he had been out playing in the sun all day, running through the sprinklers.

'I eventually had to take it off him, it started to drip everywhere, including all down his front and on the couch.

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