Higher pensions. Where do retired invest their money

The higher pensions will allow the old to invest more in their health.

For 40 years, Valentina Capatina from Ialoveni was an accountant. Four years ago she reached the pensions age. Her first pension was 1.900 lei. It was too less for all the work she has done. After the pensions' reform, now, it is twice more.

"The reform of the pensions is welcomed. Now, my pension is 3.700 lei. It is better now", said Valentina Capatina, resident of Ialoveni.

Olimpiada Gujuman from Orhei also receives a higher pension now.

"Now, my pension is one thousand lei more. Thus, I have 2 840 lei. I bought a bag", mentioned Olimpiada Capatina, accountant.

Zinaida Baleanu from Braviceni village retired in 2015, but continues to work at Ion Luca Caragiale lyceum from Orhei. In 14 years, the woman is the vice director of the institution. Her pension was indexed by 600 lei.

"I was surprised when I found out that my pension will be higher. I need additional money to pay for my health costs", said Zinaida Baleanu, teacher from Braviceni village, Orhei district.

Within the fourth indexation, almost 95 thousand retired and persons with disabilities receive higher pensions. 

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