Higher demand leads to spike in apple price in Ukraine and Moldova

Over the past week, East-Fruit analysts attested increasing price of quality apples in Ukraine and Moldova. Golden Delicious apples which are demanded everywhere become more expensive. 

Prices of "Gala", "Granny Smith" and "Fuji" have gradually increased in Ukraine. Demand to other kinds such as "Aidared", "Johnagold" and "Renet Simirenko" has been recently very high on the Russian market. 

Apples "Aidared", "Johnagold" and "Renet Simirenko" cost 7 lei per kg two weeks ago but their prices have been raised to 8 lei at present. 

Experts say this increase is due to the massive export of Moldovan apples to Russia.

According to the Moldovan Customs Service, in December 2019, over 17 thousand tons of apples were exported to the Russian market, a quantity significantly higher than in November and even December 2018.


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