High Tech Transport! Trolleybus passengers to report irregularities online scanning QR code

Trolleybus passengers now can report problems online and forget written petitions submitted to Department of Electric Transportation. All trolleybuses are stuck with stickers with QR codes.

To report an irregularity, passenger needs a phone connected with internet and equipped with a camera. The procedure takes only a few minutes.

Firstly, passenger scan the QR code which redirect his phone to an online form. 

Then he must indicate trolleybus number and problem he encounters. Mention of identity and contact number is non-mandatory. 

Young passengers say they like the idea to report problems using modern technology. 

"I think it's useful. People can report quarrels that require urgent intervention."

While the elderly admit their difficulty in keeping up with modern technologies. 

"I don't know anything about the code or this technology".

Authorities will study every message received from citizens and try to find solutions.

"It's important to stay close to citizens. This will help us know what we need to improve", said interim mayor of Chisinau, Ruslan Codreanu.

There are over 300 trolleybuses in Department of Electric Transportation park.


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