High school termination exams begin. Russian-speakers take on Romanian language and literature

The high school graduation exams have started today. The students having as language as mother tongue today pass the the Romanian language and literature exam.

All 102 exam centers are prepared to ensure the smooth running of exams. Security measures arew severe, candidates will be supervised by cameras.

The candidates are not allowed to enter the exams with other objects except those that are provided in the methodology regarding the conduct of the 2016 session.

The access into the examination rooms for candidates is allowed on ID cards. 

"These exam centers are equipped with monitoring video cameras, with metal detectors, therefore the conditions are the same as last year. Two assistants are approved in the exam room for every 30 candidates to monitor whether the examination is duely conducted," said Quality Assurance Agency head Anmatol Topală.

The examinations will be held from 3 to 21 June. Over 22,000 candidates will take the examinations. About 5,000 of them failed previous sessions and make a new try.

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