Hemp bushes among corn rows, discovered by policemen. Plants were destroyed

The officers of the INI North Directorate found on a plot of land of approximately 100 hectares on the place between villages Alexeevca and Radulenii Noi, Floresti district, 248 hemp-like plants grown among the corn rows.

Following the spot investigations, the police have established that farmland is well-groomed, and hemp plants well groomed and delimited by corn rows in 17 plots.

The hemp bushes were pulled and lifted to be subject to specialized expertise.

If the hemp yarns matured, the drug traffickers would get a profit of approximately 1.250.000 lei from the marketing of marijuana on the black market, so one gram of marijuana was sold at the price of 50 lei.

At the moment, actions are being taken to identify people involved in hemp planting. Under the current legislation, those guilty of such an offense risk a prison sentence of 7 to 15 years.

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