Help for flooded households (VIDEO)

Policemen from Leova have shown compassion and helped people who suffered because of heavy rain in Iargara village.

With the help of buckets and shovels, policemen helped people to take out the water and mud from the 24 flooded houses. In 14 houses the water has destroyed the furniture and the walls,

Tens of policemen were actively involved in the construction of the artificial dam, in order to avoid the flow out of the lake in Iargara.

It is not the first time when policemen help people. On the night from May 31st to June 1st policemen from the Police inspectorates of Leova and Hincesti have fought together with rescuers and public authorities against the water streams that broke the dam nearby, their priority being the safety of people and their households.

Afterwards, the policemen from the abovementioned inspectorates has gathered together with the forces in order to assess the risks and to decide on the measures imposed regarding tragedies prevention that might appear because of floods.

The police will give its support in emergency situations and will intervene immediately to all calls from the citizen that have suffered because of floods.

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