Heirs of King Michael I of Romania. Succession to Romanian throne

After King Michael I of Romania passed away, his heiress, her Royal Highness Margareta became the head of the Royal Family, while her husband and children do not hold any titles, wrote Mediadax.ro.

Last month, the Royal Palace has presented the line of successors. According to it, at the time King Michael I held the throne.

The current heir of the Royal Family, is her Majesty Margareta, Princess of Romania, who will inherit the throne.

The current consort of heiress of the Royal Family, is his Majesty Radu, prince of României.

According to the source, members of the Royal Family are: Her Majesty Elena, Princess of Romania; Her Majesty Sofia, Princess of Romania; Her Majesty Maria, Princess of Romania.

Their children and husbands do not have any titles.

The order in which the next line is chosen in the Royal Family, is based on the old succession laws, preferring male heirs.

Therefore, the order of succession is the following:
1. Heiress Princess of Romania Margareta, Keeper of Romania's crown;
2. Princess Elena of Romania;
3. Elisabeta Karina de Roumanie;
4. Princess Sofia of Romania;
5. Elisabeta Maria Biarneix;
6. Princess Maria of Romania.

Royal Palace also announced that changes in the line can only be made by the monarch's decision.

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