"Heaven of Cyprus and Dubai": More girls become victims of sexual trafficking

More and more young women from Moldova are becoming victims of trafficking after seeing advertisements on the Internet, in which the pimps are attracting them with winnings of thousands of euros. Most often they promise that the girls will be dancers or waitresses in bars or restaurants abroad. Others become prey to traffickers after accepting to go to the country of their false love, but then they sell the girls to pimps.

The Internet has become in recent years a source explored by traffickers. Here you can find hundreds of ads luring girls with fabulous gains.

For example for a job as a waitress in casinos or nightclubs in Cyprus is offered between 2,000 and 3,000 euros per month. But instead of seeing well-paid jobs young women get through brothels in Russia, Turkey, North Cyprus, Cambodia, Benin or Kuwait.

Such an ad has excited Svetlana, a young woman from northern Moldova who was already seeing herself as a waitress in a bar in Moscow. But she got in a brothel on the city outskirts. Pimps told her clearly what kind of work she will have.

The young woman said that the girls were severely beaten when they did not want to obey.

She escaped from sex slavery after a Russian police operation, and was later repatriated to Moldova.

Traffickers are increasingly practicing the Loverboy method of recruitment. False lovers lure the girls with promises that they will take them as wives, and later make them prostitutes.

Maria was another victim, the girl who dreamed she would go from a small village in Cahul to Dubai, where according to her lover, will have for a life of paradise. But on the second day she was sold to pimps.

Then the girl was taken to Kuwait, where she was locked in a room from which she had no right to make any step. They brought to her 10-15 customers a day.

The girl managed to use the phone of a client and asked a friend to call the police in Moldova. In a few days she has been brought back into the country.

In the past three years were repatriated over 150 young women sexually exploited abroad. Their actual number, however, is not known.

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