Heating requested by inhabitants of Capital! Over one hundred blocks reconnected to heating

The winter temperatures determined more inhabitants of the Capital to request heating in the appartments. There were reconnected to heating over 100 blocks.

The delivering of heating was re-started also in almost 70 kindergartens by Thermoelectrica. The heating was started also in the buildings where ten companies activate.

The tenants can request the re-starting of the supplying of heating at any moment, through the block’s administrators, without applying to Termoelectrica.

"The linking is not sealed as for today. The consumer can connect himself/herself on his/her own, subsequently to address to us with an application, because our counters are ultraprofessional. These register any consumption, in the instance they branch out or disconnect", affirmed Veaceslav Eni, the director the director of "Termoelectrica".

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