Heating devices sales surge as cold season approaches

Citizens decided that it is easier to warm up using an electric heater or AC during cold weather. Electronics Stores reported that sale of heating devices rose by 30% compared to summer. 

Representatives from Electronic Stores confessed that on some days the sales could reach to 200 pieces per day. 

"The most popular product became the Thermo Ventilators, its price starts with 199 lei. Such model is meant for 18 square meters and are can warm up the room evenly" manager Constantin Luchian declared.

"It's not cold, but we want it to be even warmer. Hopefully it will be useful."

Sellers assure costumers that those devices are fully safe.

"All models are equipped with a thermostat that automatically shuts it down once the room reaches a certain temperature" Constantin Luchian added.

Those who wish to warm up bigger spaces chose to purchase convectors, their prices starting from 500 lei.

"There are models that can by used to efficiently and cheaply warm up 22 square meters" salesman Alexandru Nanu stated.

The cheapest Thermo Ventilators cost 199 lei, while the most expensive convectors are sold for 999 lei. Employees assures us that the prices are the same as last year.

Those who feel cold at home claim that it is a great way to warm up.

"It is cold. This helps us warm up a bit."

"I'm using it of course. - Do you have such model? - Yes and we constantly use it."

Experts remind citizens to maintain heating devices that lack a thermostat at a distance from flammable objects. 

"Those that use infrared elements are mostly found in offices and warehouses. It is dangerous to put clothes on them to dry, as they might cause fire" Alexandru Nanu warned.

Recently a fire burst in the capital, destroying 80% of an apartment. The owner and her child managed to escape unharmed. Firefighter believe the main cause to be misused heating device. Experts urge citizens to respect all safety norms when using electric heaters.

"Do not use improvised heating devices, or those that broke and were not repaired by specialists. In case you decide to use them, do not leave the room and keep and eye on them" press officer  Liliana Pușcașu recommended.

 Service of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations will soon launch a campaign to inform citizens about heating devices and fire prevention. 


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