Heat price in Capital will increase, but not as much as "Termoelectrica" requires

The heat in the capital will be expensive, but not to the extent that the "Termoelectrica" company requires. The topic was discussed today at a meeting of the National Agency for Energy Regulation. But the regulator will take a decision after studying accounting information presented in the debate.

Higher natural gas tariffs by 16-per-cent from October 2011 is the main cause for the heat supplier in the capital to urge adjustment of tariffs. Fuel has a weight of 75-per-cent of the cost of thermal energy. NGO representatives say that the claim is exaggerated.

"Everyone has forgotten about the increase in the effective annual gas. Three years was 5,300, then in 2014 we had 6,028 lei respectively, how can we talk about lowering the tariff? If it was maintained previous price, 4,444 lei, which was tariff established in 2011, then yes, we could talk about a reduction of tariffs ", said the general directorof  "Termoelectrica" Veaceslav Ene.

ANRE representatives say that the request was partially motivated. The new tariffs could be approved before the start of the new heating season.

"They already started the virtual tariff calculation, we are now in the process of examining these calculations. Possibly made some corrections and adjustments of these costs were provided by the company and possible for the tariff to be lower than that required by the enterprise."

"Termoelectrica" company requested increase of tariffs for heat with 27.4-per-cent, from 989 to 1,257 lei per Gcal.

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