Health Ministry obliged to translate medicines prospectus into Russian

Moldovan Ministry of Health will be required to translate the medicines prospectus into Russian. According to a press release of the Council for the Prevention and Elimination of Discrimination and Ensuring Equality "the drug prospectus are drawn up in only state language violates the principle of equality".

The Council recently presented a case to prove the Russian speakers' limit of access to information on medical prospectus. Moreover, this institution requested the Health Ministry to initiate the modification of the normative framework. Accordingly, content of instruction for use and medicine packages should be written in both Romanian and Russian. 

This case was examined on the basis of a complaint to the Council. The petitioner claimed that people, who don't speak state language, can't get the information how to use medicine. Thus, this practice violates their right to the protection of life and health.

In return, the Health Ministry mentioned that the labeling of medicine complies with art.4 of the Law on medicines, which stipulates that the inclusion of the Russian variant in the medical prospectus is optional.

Meanwhile, the Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices declared that the prospectuses of medicines authorized in the Republic of Moldova in the state language are in accordance with the provisions of the normative acts and do not infringe the right of the people to the protection of health.

Moreover, the doctor is responsible for prescribing the treatment and adjusting it according to the patient, and the pharmacist is responsible for providing the pharmaceutical information.


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