Health Minister Ruxanda Glavan on continuing reforms in sector

The efforts made these years in the healthcare system must continue in 2017, focusing on the accessibility of medical services for all the citizens, on raising wages, and promoting a healthy life style.

Health Minister Ruxanda Glavan added last night, on Publika TV, the reforms also envisage modernizing hospitals and raising the number of compensated medications.

"You cannot carry out a reform over the night. The concept worked out by the Health Ministry provides for 7 years. And the results of reforming the hospital system will be felt by 2024," she said.

Ruxanda Glavan reiterated the necessity of fair access of the population to qualitative medical services: "Most patients needing oncological services have but to come to Chişinău. We are to build a central hospital in the northern area, like the Republican Hospital from Chişinău. We’ll focus on 11 district hospitals, which will serve from 100,000 to 300,000 people."

Special attention will be paid to enhancing the doctors’ wages by employing a mechanism of assessing their performance: "As from April 2018, all the employees of the system will get pay rises, proportionally, for everybody.”

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