Health Minister Ruxanda Glavan: Authorities will support modernization of intensive care service

Intensive care in district hospitals lack equipment and specialists. In these circumstances it is difficult to establish an quick accurate diagnosis and save more lives. The issues were discussed at a conference which brought together 200 doctors in the country.

In intensive care patients are hospitalized with serious injuries or pathologies. Saving them is a difficult task in modern conditions of treatment and lack of well-trained doctors.

"These stations with necessary equipment, medicines necessary for the organization of intensive care and highly trained doctors, with the right attitude to this service managers will be able to decrease these complications" , said anesthesiologist  doctor Victor Cojocaru.

ICU in the country do not have adequate conditions for the rehabilitation of seriously ill patients. As a result, they are transferred to the Republican Hospital.

"We need, first of all a laboratory that could cause blood gases. The artificial respirator that should be changed. Now we have two, though we need four aircraft" ,  said physician anesthesiologist Hospital in Criuleni, Nicholas Croitoru.

In this context, it asks the founders to invest in upgrading district hospitals ICU. This will allow ten percent increase chances of survival of patients.

"I have confidence that Ministry of Health hears and is ready to get involved in everything you consider necessary to be changed. All proposals for improvement and organization of work service of  intensive care will be found in the following policies of the Ministry" , said Health Minister Ruxandra Glavan.

In the country there are 52 intensive care units. Annually, reaching 50 thousand patients.
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