Health Minister Nemerenco's abrupt reaction to journalist with uncomfortable question: Your question's not to the point! Anybody else?

The Health Minister Ala Nemerenco has abruptly shut down the journalists in a press conference about STRIM insulin. 

Publika TV reporter Alexandrina Chirtoacă addressed a question about insulin and tried to ask a second question after Nemerenco replied to the first one. However, ..

"Anybody else, please? You already ask a question which is absolutely not to the point. Please give other colleagues their right to address a second question", Ala Nemerenco stopped the reporter. 

When the alliance ACUM-PSRM came to power, they pledged to ensure transparency and correctness in the relations with journalists. 

Recently PPDA MP Chiril Moţpan intimidated the Publika TV reporter Oxana Bodnar and slammed the door in her face after she addressed the politician several uncomfortable questions. 




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