Health Minister about coronavirus epidemic, packages from China and test kit

The packages from China don't pose any risk and Moldova has not registered any case of coronavirus. The statement was made by the Health Minister Viorica Dumbrăveanu in a show on TVR Moldova. 

"People receiving packages from China are not at risk of contracting 2019nCoV. Cold viruses tend to survive less than 24 hours outside the human body", said Viorica Dumbrăveanu.

She informed that the novel coronavirus spreads primarily through respiratory droplets, such as those generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Moldova's ready to deal with possible coronavirus diseases, she stressed. 

"We have not registered any coronavirus case in Moldova. This does not mean we should not take any precautionary measures. People who left Moldova must carry a check at family doctor when they return. It's necessary to avoid going to crowded places and wash our hands as often as possible", the minister announced. 

According to her, coronavirus test kit will reach Moldova soon. 

"The World Health Organization will provide 150 rapid tests with a very high accuracy to diagnose patients with coronavirus", said Viorica Dumbrăveanu.



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