Heads of businesses in Bălţi resigned: They refused to continue Skype conference with fugitive mayor Renato Usatîi

New resignation in Bălţi. The Heads of two local businesses, including Termogaz, announced they would leave the companies. Larisa Bragari and Stepan Munteanu signed a joint statement saying they would no longer participate in Skype conferences with fugitive mayor Renato Usatîi and would not execute any orders coming from abroad.

Their decision was made after the scandal regarding garbage evacuation in Bălţi. 

They accuse Renato Usatîi that the problem was triggered because of the mayor's political dispute with ones in Chisinau. 

"Usatîi sees things only through political prism, but we see the reality by the problems that citizens have to face," says Stepan Munteanu, director of Termogaz Balti and Larisa Bragari.

Previously, Serghei Pcela, the head of the Road Repair and Construction Department in Bălţi, resigned.

He accused Renato Usatîi in a letter that the problem arose because of "the political struggle" of the mayor who "runs" the city through Skype.


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