Head of Customs Service: We will continue to adopt most modern concepts of management

The reconfirmation of the quality of services of the Customs Service  has conduced earlier this month by a team of external auditors. 

The Customs is the first public authority in Moldova who managed to implement a quality management system, which is in correlation with the objectives of public services reform program approved by the Government.
Thus, the first certify was offered to the Customs Service in December 2013 and today, after a period of three years, the Customs Service has shown a level of more advanced of implementation of standard requirements and that the service quality environment for business and citizens.

The Director General of the Customs Service, Vitalie Vrabie said that, in the context of Moldova's European integration, the quality management system is a strong credibility and international standards.
"We will continue to adopt the most modern management concepts and integrate them into the organizational culture of the Customs Service, so that those who interact with Customs to detect that the quality of services" , said Vitalie Vrabie.

The audit mission was carried out by the Romanian Society for Quality Assurance, a member of the International Certification Network IQNet (International Certification Network). The Audit Team leader, Eugen Neacsu said the ISO certification is a more advanced stage of modernizing customs and congratulated the Customs Service for the success of reforms promoted.

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