He went to hunt, but he got out of cartridges. Lot of unlicensed ammunition, detained at border

In the trunk of the car, among the personal belongings, the border guards at the Tudora crossing point found 166 hunting cartridges. The case is a resident of Chisinau.

At the exit of the country came Moldovan citizen of 68 years of age, driving a Lexus registered in the Republic of Moldova. After checking the car, 166 cartridges of 12 caliber, in a different variety, were found in the trunk of this border guards.

The driver was unable to present the documents of origin and possession for the entire batch of ammunition, which would confirm the legality of his possession.

The Moldovan citizen declared that he intended to come to the neighboring country to participate, together with his Ukrainian friends, to several hunting activities. At the same time, he said that he did not know about the rules imposed at the crossing of the state border, including the goods allowed for transportation.

The cartridges were lifted in accordance with legal procedures and sent to expertise, and the countryman was allowed to cross the state border. The case is still being investigated by border guards from the Eastern Regional Directorate.

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