"He suffered a strong concussion". Ina Sirbu commented Sergiu Sirbu's attack

Sergiu Sirbu democratic deputy was attacked in a cafe from the center of the Capital by Pavel Grigorciuc who was condemned to four years behind the bars.

Sergiu Sirbu's wife, Ina Sirbu eyewitnesses this attack and made some declarations for deschide.md

"Sergiu was waiting for me. We should have met at PentHouse. Pavel Grigorcius was passing by with Platon's lawyer. Suddenly he started to scream "traitor". Sergiu told him "let's hangout". When I entered, Sergiu was sitting on a chair and he lost his consciousness. We took our car and moved to the hospital. There, the doctors said he suffered a concussion. He is will stay in the hospital", said Ina Sirbu.


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