He stripped girls and beat them: Ex-student's charges against director accused of child trafficking

He used to undress the girls and beat them over their buttocks. These accusations against the director of boarding school no.3 in Chisinau, who was arrested for child trafficking. 

Since then many young people have given away lots of horrors they witnessed while staying in the school. 

"We started exchanging clothes to take shower, suddenly we heard a big shout in the corridor. We came there, thinking the girls were scared by a mouse. On the arrival, we saw Mr. Igor and was really shock at that moment. He stood there and looked at the girls", said Elena Barlou, ex-student of this boarding school. 

Elena Barlou, a 28-year-old Moldovan, used to attend this school for 6 years, from 1999 to 2005. She was adopted by a American family and is living now in America. 

At her time, there was the same director Igor Sandler in gymnasium . She says the man used to beat the kids.

"He usually took some kids, two or three. He stripped them. The girls had to use hand to cover their bottom. He took the TV wire or his belt to beat them. I also heard they were slapped. He satisfied his perversions "

Elena further tells that the director chose some children for abuse. 

"It was then a sponsor who came and took the children on their days of rest, gave them gifts, bought them jeans, sometimes the children did not come back to the boarding school at night, they were five minors, they could only take a girl or a boy" said Elena Barlou.

The young woman also says it was normal for disobedient pupils to be taken to the Psychiatric Hospital. In this way, the administration punished them.

"A pale little boy came into the room, trembling with tears and sips all over his face, took the plate of porridge, and began to swallow, simply swallowed it, did not eat, crouched in that chick. The child had come from the Psychiatric Hospital. It was a difficult kid when they took him there. They did not know what they did with him, they filled him with drugs, he was thin and cold," confessed the former student of the boarding school no. 3, Elena Barlou.

People from Psychiatric Hospital did not give us any comment on our contact. Neither was Igor Snadler found. 

Elena Barlou's testimonies have been attached to the case where the director of the boarding house is accused of child trafficking.

In recent weeks, several graduates of the education institution say they are ready to talk about abuses committed by the director. 

"The police are getting in touch with them, those graduates from that institution, to establish the case," said PCCOCS prosecutor Vladimir Moşneaga.

The director of the boarding school is still under preventive arrest.

If found guilty, both he and the businessman detained in the same file, risk up to 20 years in prison or life imprisonment.


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