He saves lives without expecting something back: Man from Balti donated over 40 times

He saves lives without expecting something back. This is about Alexandru Radu, a man aged 46 who donated blood for over 40 times. The biggest recompense is that he knows he can save somebody's life. Alexandru Radu is from Balti. He started to donate when he was 17.

He remembers very good how he saved the life of a baby who had burns all over his body.

"When I first donated blood I was in a surgery hall. After that, I have donated a couple more times for the same baby", said Alexandru Radu.

His blood type is very rare.

"My grandfather, my father have the same blood type. It is very rare", said Alexandru Radu, blood donor. 

For more than eight years, the man comes very often at the Center of Blood Transfusion from the Capital to donate. Alexandru Radu doesn't know whom he donates for. The doctors say that a donation can save three people. Thus, the man saved over 120 lives.

"I have no idea who are they. This gives me satisfaction. They also don't know who is their donor", said Alexandru Radu, blood donor.

"Mr. Alexandru is a very good donor. He always saves lives. His blood type is very rare", said Doina Banari, the vice director of Blood Transfusion Center.

In 2018, the Center of Transfusion hosted 59 thousand persons. The most rare blood type is the one with the negative RH. Only 16% of the population have it.


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