GUNFIRE in Cahul town. Policeman caught red-handed by NACC officers

An officer from the Inspectorate investigation police has been detained by NACC officers and anticorruption prosecutors. The man is suspected of influence peddling.

According to information received 5.000 from a defendant. The policeman claimed he could influence people within the Court and the Prosecutor of Cahul district to release the arrest and adopt a favorable rulings on file.

The man was caught red-handed behind Cahul town Court of Appeal. He tried to leave the place while starting shooting. 

The body search result, the 5,000 euro that were found in his jacket passed under the control of NACC officers.

The suspect was detained for a period of 72 hours.

If found guilty, the police officer risks  punished by imprisonment of up to six years or a fine of up to 4,000 conventional units - the equivalent of 200,000 lei.
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