Guests from Russia and Romania joined Moldova in celebration of Independence Day

A great concert took place yesterday in Chisinau for Independence Day. Over 100 thousand citizens joined the international entertainers to spend quality time in the Capital's heart.

The stage was taken by Smiley and Holograf band from Romania, as well as Russian singers Nicolai Baskov, Polina Gagarina and Dmitrii Malikov.

The events for Independence Day were organized by Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation "Edelweiss".

With this occasion, the Russian signers met with the leader of the Democrat Party,  Vlad Plahotniucin a friendly environment.

"Dearest guests came yesterday to celebrate, together with Moldova, the Independence Day.

It was a pleasant meeting between two old friends, Nicolai Bascov and Dmitrii Malicov, who are always eager to accept invitations and join us on such important events" the politician wrote on Facebook.

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