Grow in Moldova. New national brand to attract foreign entrepreneurs was launched

Moldova has launched a national brand to attract more investors. "Grow in Moldova" comes to support the national and foreign entrepreneurs. The project was launched by the Agency for Investments.

"Grow in Moldova" comes to complete "Pomul Vietii" touristic brand. The logo of the new brand contains symbols that represents different fields of the national economy.

"The message of "Pomul Vietii" was - Be our guest, but the message of the new project is "Be our guest-Grow in Moldova". The symbol of it is the connectivity", said Eugen Boico, director of a creative agency.

The national brand will be used by the Governmental institutions and the Moldovan entrepreneurs who will participate at international exhibitions. The project is worth over 300 thousand lei. 

Chiril Gaburici, the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure says that the investors from Moldova have all the conditions to launch a successful business.

"This brand will promote Moldova. This is important both for the market and the foreign investors", said Chiril Gaburici, the minister of Economy and Infrastructure.

"Grow in Moldova" release takes place on the eve of an important event dedicated to the entrepreneurs. Next week, Chisinau will host the fifth edition of Moldova Business Week.

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