Group food-poisoning at a memorial dinner in Soroca

The information was confirmed for Observatorul de Nord from sources within the Soroca District Hospital and the Public Health Center of Soroca (CSP). 

10 doctors confirmed the fact that at the moment, 10 citizens of Soroca district are hospitalized.

Nicolae Gorcinschi, the epidemiologist of CSP said that 13 citizens are hospitalized with food-poisoning. 

'The patients are being investigated by the epidemiologist doctors. The fist clinical signs showed on patients are 38,5 fever, sickness, nausea, vomit, abdominal pain. Baseing on these signs, we can suspect a food-poisoning. CSP chief contacted the economic agent who set the table for the patients to see the menu, the products for investigation', also said the specialist.

According to the held informations, the hospitalized persons took part at a funeral dinner in Holosnita village of Soroca district. The dinner table was served by a Drochia restaurant, a confirmed fact by CSP specialists.

The case is being investigated.
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