Grigorciuc recidivist arrested for 30 more days: I couldn't control myself

Pavel Grigorciuc recidivist, the one who assaulted Sergiu Sirbu democratic deputy remains behind bars for 30 days more. This decision was taken by Ciocana Court. Grigorciuc's lawyers asked the judge to investigate him while he is relised.

The ANTIFA member recognized that he hit the democrat, but didn't regret it.

"Indeed, I assaulted him. I couldn't control myself."

The lawyer will attack this decision within the fist session of Chisinau Court of Appeal. Some supporters of Grigorciuc also came at the trial:

"I can say that even if it is not legally, the men can hit others sometimes."

Pavel Grigorciuc was arrested after he hit Sergiu Sirbu democratic deputy. The incident took place on the day of the first session of the new Parliament. The recidivist attended a rally organized by PAS and PPDA. Actually, in 2015, the leaders of Petrenco group, among whom was Pavel Grigorciuc were sentenced to four years and a half for organizing a protest in front of the General Prosecutor's Office.

Grigorciuc was previously sentenced for violence, in 2014 he injured a German citizen and called him a Nazi.

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