Green spaces workers are preparing for summer: All Capital lakes are cleaned

The Capital authorities is preparing for summer. The workers clean the beaches and cut off the bulrush. Everything should be ready by June 1. Meanwhile, the National Agency for Public Health will check on the quality of the water in the lakes and decides if the swimming is good or not.

In Valea Morilor park, the workers started the work a couple of days ago. The say that they took a tone of trash from the lake.

"We found a lot of trash in the lake", said Stanislav Ceaglei, the director of the Central Rescue Station of Chisinau.

A couple of workers gathered the dead fish.

"We found glass, paper and a lot of trash. People are throwing everything in the lakes."

The workers are also coloring the benches.

The passers by say that the efforts of the workers is useless, because people are continuing to pollute the lakes.

"It is very dangerous. How do you think if it is allowed or not to swim here?"

"It doesn't look good at all. I wouldn't date to swim here."

The responsible of the Agency for Public Health will check on all the waters and the results will be announced by the end of the month.

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