Green corridors at four border-crossing points (PHOTO)

As from today, the Moldovan citizens will enjoy the facilities provided by the green corridor at the border crossing points from Sculeni, Leuşeni, Giurgiuleşti and Tudora. The announcement was made by the head of the Customs Service, Vitalie Vrabie, at the inauguration of the corridor at Sculeni.

“By this measure we want to ease the flow of goods and travelers, to reduce the waiting time at customs points, keeping the control rigors. We count on the dialogue and cooperation of our colleagues from Romania and Ukraine, so that the participants in the cross-border flow should enjoy an expedient control on b oth parts of the border," Vrabie said.

The event was attended by prime minister Pavel Filip and by officials from the Romanian customs authority.

"Some measures need funds and it takes more time to introduce them. Other measures require but good will and organization, and we must them introduce the soonest possible. The Customs Service introduces the Green Corridor at four border crossing points. The Customs Service gets nearer to citizens, and I want to congratulate the head of the Customs Service and the team," Filip said.

The two corridors system is used to speed up the flow of goods and travelers and to better the customs control in the basis of risk-related selectivity. The citizens not having goods to declare can go through the Green Corridor, while the Red Corridor is for the people carrying goods that are submitted to customs taxes.

The action was required after the flow increased following the visa-free regime and the permission for the EU citizens to travel use only identity cards.

Vitalie Vrabie mentioned the contribution of the EU High Councilor, Rosario de Blasio, who assisted at carrying out this project by offering methodological consulting according to the best European practices.

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