Great joy in Sadova, native village of newly elected president Dodon

Great joy in Sadova, the native village of newly elected President, Igor Dodon. Locals are very excited for their local villager.

A motorcade equipped with Moldovan and Socialist flags have crossed the village. People shouted for minutes.

The future's president mother got very emotional, crying tears of joy.

Galina Dodon was at school, where she teaches Romanian language.

"We are very happy, for the future president is a villager of Sadova village, Calarasi district" said a local.

The mother of the President-elect, Galina Dodon, was at the school with a big bouquet of flowers, received from her son since early morning. 

"I am very nervous and proud of his success. It could not be otherwise because he is a very active boy" , said President's mother, Galina Dodon.

She recalls nostalgically the period when her son was a child.

"Since a little child, he was sitting in the front row. Remember, back in the day, the hard-worker students were put in the front row, next to teachers. They were trained to know discipline since early stage." , said Galina Dodon.

In the early morning, Igor Dodon along with his mother, layed a bouquet of flowers at the tomb of his father, Nicolae Dodon, who died 4 years ago.

Locals are convinced that Igor Dodon will be a good president because his family teached him to be hardworking:

"His family is a family of hard-working people, people who understand the need."

"He is a very smart and quick-witted boy."

His PE teacher has also praised the newly elect president:

"The boy was slightly higher than his colleagues, he was also highlighted compared to his colleagues."  , said PE teacher, Vasile Bocan.

The 41-year-old Igor Dodon is married and has three children.

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