Grants offered to Moldovans living abroad who wish to implement projects in their home country

Moldovans living abroad have the possibility to return to their home country to realize short-time projects in social, economic and justice fields.  They can receive a grand through a program supported by the Bureau for Diaspora Relations (BRD), whose fund is of over one million lei.

Tamara Șchiopu is the author of one of the 70 projects financed since 2016. The woman lives in Oxford, United Kingdom, for the past 15 years. She owns a farm growing ecologic vegetables. Due to the grant, the woman organized last year a training program on menu diversification in six social centers from Moldova's North.

"I analyzed the offered menu, drew up a list of harmful products that were later taken out. Some products were gotten rid of, as there was too much bread, pasta and sugar" Tamara Șchiopu explained.

The woman claims that the project will continue in 2018. At the same time, she believes it is time to return to Moldova with new ideas, if they will be supported by Diaspora Engagement Hub program.

"I believe it to be a very helpful program, as many Moldovans who live abroad gained much knowledge, it is the perfect opportunity for all those who wish to help Moldova, but cannot, due to financial reasons" Tamara Șchiopu said.

This year, documents can be submitted until March 15.

"We encourage them to return for short period of time, so that we can later motivate them to return for longer, because all those who participated in this program came back, bearing other ideas" head of BRD, Olga Coptu declared.

In 2018, three grants worth 94 000 lei each will be offered to associations from diaspora, so that five awards, worth the same amount of money, will be offered to woman developing social, civil, juridical and economical projects. While another 10 grants, worth 38 000 lei each, are meant for projects on sharing professional experience.

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