Graduates have taken today the Foreign Language bacalaureat

Over 16 000 students have taken today the Foreign Language bacalaureat. The examination begun at 09:00 local time.

Pupils from Răzeni village, Ialoveni, were filled with emotions.

"Even if this is the second BAC I still feel stressed."

"I do not feel confident, I fear those 3 hours the exam will last.""

As usually, teachers came with advice for graduates:

"I worked much with them and am confident in their skills."

"They must concentrate, use their knowledge. I encouraged my students and am confident that they will pass."

Over 10 000 young people tested their English, while over 6 000 French. At the exam are also awaited 186 students who took the German test, 41 Italian and 76 Spanish and Turkish.

758 young people were exempted for winning in Olympiads. The next exam will take place on June 15.

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